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April Swim Schedules Now Online!


Seafood Foraging Class: Summer Sushi! June 24 & 26, 2016


Southern Islands Dive Trip: May 28-30, 2016


Kelp Pickling Class: May 6 & 8, 2016


Big Sur Vision Dive: June 16-19, 2016


Labor Day Vision: September 2-6, 2016


Next Swim Sessions Start May 9, 10, 14 & 15

first friday scuba kayak dives

First Friday Dives: May 6

Adventure Sports Welcomes You to the World of Water for all your Santa Cruz Dive Shop and Swim Lesson needs!


Imagine yourself exploring a beautiful underwater world surrounded by brightly colored anemones, sponges, corals and fish. You hover weightlessly underwater surrounded by vivid bright colors and abundant life. By learning to SCUBA dive, you learn how to explore a new world that is visited by only a few select people.


Learning to swim will be a new and exciting experience for your child. For the past 31 years Adventure Sports Unlimited has taught over 21,000 children to swim in a positive, warm environment. Our instructors strive to develop a trusting special relationship with each child, encouraging them in a gentle, but firm manner to stretch their limits as ability grows.


Adventure Sports Unlimited (ASU) is an aquatics fun center that teaches people to play in water. Our charter is to bring people together, teach them to the best of their abilities, outfit them with gear to fit their potential, arrange adventures to use their new skills, and eat well.

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