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Founded in 1978, Adventure Sports Unlimited (ASU) is an aquatics fun center that teaches people to play in water. Our charter is to bring people together, teach them to the best of their abilities, outfit them with gear to fit their potential, arrange adventures to use their new skills, and eat well. It seems only appropriate that when you have a bunch of adventure enthusiasts together at an exotic aquatic environment, after a day of SCUBA diving or kayaking, that a bit of seafood foraging will result in a wonderful gourmet meal to toast the day. In fact all our people are wonderful chefs. The essence of our plot is unrelenting fun and through this joy we will impart superior skills and safety. We built the ASU facility with a tropically heated training pool with hot tub, attached retail dive shop, classrooms, and loaded it with water toys for people to play with. We have been doing this successfully for the sports of skin & SCUBA diving, kayaking and swimming for over 35 years. In addition we offer outstanding travel adventures. We offer this web site, as an education to our brand of adventure-you deserve it!

We love our rad little community of swimmers and divers and are so blessed to be a part of every kids' life in Santa Cruz!

Ryan (pictured above as a child), Emily, Odin and Ophelia
The Judsons