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Adventure Sports offers the following services:

  • Air fills from our on-site compressor (up tp 3500psi) 
    • We do not fill Nitrox or paintball tanks
    • Cost is $6 per fill or $50 for 10 fills
  • Regulator and BC services for most brands (average turnaround 1-3 weeks)
    • Cost varies depending on service and/or parts
    • $35 per stage plus parts
  • Hydrostatic testing and/or VIPs (Visual Inspection Program)(average turnaround 1-3 weeks)
  • SCUBA and Kayak Rentals Click HERE to see our rentals page.


1st stage labor
2nd stage labor
BC Labor
Hydro (includes VIP and fill) up to 3000psi
Hydro (includes VIP and fill) up to 3500psi
VIP (Visual Inspection Program - does not include valve)
Valve Rebuild + parts
Air Fill - Single
SCBA Tank (subject to availability)
Recreational Diver Air Card (10 fills)
Commercial Diver Air Card