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A message from our friends over at Truth Aquatics

‘While on some smaller boats the bunks have been reduced from doubles to singles, we have not had this requirement imposed on us. With all of our correspondence with the Coast Guard, we have not been advised that this will be the case. Most likely due to numerous renovations, including additional hatches to increase mobility around the bunkroom. The emergency exit bunks have not been taken out of service.

In regards to renovations, we have consulted fire and battery experts to create a state of the art general alarm and sprinkler system, a camera surveillance system, hatches leading from the bunkroom to the outer deck (as well as the galley), and a fire-proof battery charging station. We will continue to have a night roaming watchman, but customers may feel better knowing there is a camera surveillance system as well.

We are working alongside the coast guard so we will be ready if they decide to make any updates to their regulations. We have gone above and beyond current regulations. My dad's goal is to make these boats "models for the industry" - and even work alongside the coast guard to show other boats how to renovate to the highest standards of safety. ‘

- Ashley Fritzler