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Come play with us! Check out our upcoming trips in the travel tab!

  • Big Sur Family Camping Adventure

Big Sur Family Camping Adventure

We live in some very wonderful environments on the central and north coasts of California.  A wilderness that is right in our back yard is Big Sur.  2 ½ hours away we are thrust into coastline perched over a deep clear sea.  It seems we are thrust back in time to early survivalist USA.  There are several campsites that are right on the cliffs that we can reserve for our trek to this most awesome experience.  Our objective will be to camp, hike the mountains of the south coast, repose in flowing streams, hunt for jade and jasper, surf, boogie board, and play in the tide pools of this beautiful water space.  Every day during this adventure we will play and hunt for ingredients for our evening gourmet meal.  This is a Family Style Adventure (FSA) in which everyone gets into the logistics of the outing to help it run-the essence of synergy in which the whole is more than the sum of its parts.  We have reserved the Plasket Creek Camp Ground and we will set up the kitchen.  You will provide your camping gear, eating utensils & wine glass, ingredients for your food groups meal, and energy to prepare the meal assignment plus clean-up.  Being part of the venture is special and you may learn new ways to prepare a camping gustatory experience.  At the end of the evening, we will fire up the Indian Sweat lodge to envelop ourselves in the ultimate Big Sur experience.

Big Sur Camping * Logistics * Kitchen * Indian Sweat Lodge * Camp Fees  * $50/ night * Kids are Free:)

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What should I know about the food?
Each meal will be prepared in a family style with everyone providing and preparing something. Upon sign up you will be given an assignment of what to bring as well as some tried and true recipes to choose from to prepare. Coolers will be a very valuable asset so if you have one, bring it!

How will the campground be set up?
We will bring a large structure tent for our sweat lodge and an umbrella to cover our kitchen but everyone must bring their own tent and sleeping gear. Car camping is welcome! Check out their Website for more info.

What should I expect about the bathrooms and facilities?
Plaskett Creek campground is well equipped with plenty of drinking water and chemical toilets!

What kind of gear and toys should I bring?
As there are many things to enjoy in this area, we recommend planning for the activities that best suit your group. We will be hiking, kayaking, freedive/spearfishing, scuba diving, playing in the waves and exploring rivers. Prior to the expedition we will contact those who are signed up to see what activities our group is interested in. It is up to you to provide and bring all necessary equipment for the activities you are joining in. We will guide group outings daily for those who are prepared and ready for fun and adventure!

What should I expect about the diving?
Scuba diving will be limited due to the scarcity of compressed air and the advanced nature of the local environment, therefore it is recommended that you discuss this activity in depth with one of our knowledgeable staff. Freediving and spearfishing will be our main underwater activity for this expedition with dive sessions being led by our experienced freedive guides. Mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit with booties and gloves, and an optional weight belt is all that is needed to join on these outings. If spearfishing a valid fishing license is required and a float is recommended!


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