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  • Abalone Camping Adventure

Abalone Camping Adventure


As some of you may know, Abalone season is postponed until further notice.

We are sad to see this wonderful adventure on hold, we are sending the abalone good thoughts of healing! We will re-introduce this trip with a new purpose next year, because after all, we love adventure!

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If you would like to find out more about the decline of the abalone on this amazing, rugged coast line that we love so much, and what you can do to help save them, check out this article!
There are still plenty of fish in the sea, here is a list of the Current California Ocean Recreational Fishing Regulations for Mendocino/Sonoma county.

Adventure Sports Unlimited (ASU) has orchestrated family camping trips that involve wonderful environments that deliver sumptuous seafood for great gourmet gatherings forever.  We got too constrained with life and the retirement of certain venues and put these ventures on hold.  Last year we decided they were just too fun to leave out of our adventure program.  As a forager, you are aware that Northern California is home of one of the world’s most exotic seafood treats-giant snails-the Red Abalone.  Now there are abalone throughout the planet but none you can produce into steaks.  Imagine succulent snail steaks!  We can coat them and cook them in garlic butter with a hint of lemon or make crepes filled with lobster-yum!  And the place where it is legal to forage is on the picturesque California north coast with redwoods perched on granite crags abutting the rugged coast.  ASU will orchestrate camping at Ocean Cove situated on the cliffs of this most magnificent seascape, provide a kitchen worthy of gourmet preparations, and provide staff to aid in the sequester of succulent snail.  We term the venture a Family Style Adventure (FSA) in which all work together to make epic things happen.  Your job is to bring camping paraphernalia, be responsible for personal camping fees & licenses, abalone foraging stuff, work in groups to create splendid meal, and luxuriate by firelight in this most beautiful space.  This venture will be one your whole family will cherish and leave you with your sole refreshed!

  Kitchen * Dining Area * Indian Sauna * Fireside Chats * Foraging Guides * Gourmet Coaches * Beautiful North California Seascape * $40/person/day

What should I expect about the food?
Each meal will be prepared in a family-style with everyone providing and preparing something. Upon sign up you will be given an assignment of what to bring as well as some tried and true recipes to choose from to prepare. Coolers will be a very valuable asset so if you have one, bring it!

How will the campground be set up?
We will bring a large structure tent for our living room/kitchen but everyone must bring their own tent and sleeping gear. Be sure to check-in at the Ocean Cove store and pay for your vehicle! There is a convenient parking lot across the street by the campground entrance. Check out their website for more info

What should I expect about the bathroom facilities?
Ocean Cove campground is well equipped with hot showers and chemical toilets!

What kind of gear should I bring?
Everyone harvesting abalone needs an abalone report card, pen for writing on waterproof paper, appropriate pry-bar, size gauge, wire/zip ties, kelp/float anchor, and freediving gear such as wetsuit, mask, fins, weights. Spearguns, dive floats, kayaks, and scuba gear are welcome if you have appropriate training/certification!

What should I expect about the diving?
We will be primarily freediving for abalone, likely in a few main groups although everyone is welcome to dive to their and their buddies ability. Scuba diving is welcome but must be done entirely separately to anyone abalone diving because abalone harvesting is strictly prohibited with scuba. Kayaks and floats are recommended.

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