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Currently, we offer only Private and Semi-Private swim classes. Click HERE to go to the Private and Semi-Private page:)

We are eager to offer Group Lessons again! It will happen!

Our award-winning Group Swim Lessons since 1985

Adventure Sports offers the best in Santa Cruz Swim Lessons. Our small classes (maximum of 4 per class) and personalized attention insure your child will gain the necessary skills for water fun and safety.

All levels of instruction are offered throughout the day from 9 am to 7:30 pm. We offer two formats of swim lessons. Either twice a week for four weeks on Mondays and Wednesdays OR Tuesdays and Thursdays or once a week for eight weeks on either Saturdays OR Sundays.

Our diverse offerings are important to working parents and those on tight schedules, and our customized schedule is able to include more swimmers with siblings, friends, and carpooling more than a pre-built schedule.

Children are grouped in classes by similar skill level and age based on requested times. The pool is kept very warm (90º) and we have an adjacent Jacuzzi to the pool for playtime before and after lessons, although it is the same temperature as the pool. Our complete facility has restrooms, hot showers and plenty of deck space for parents to sit and relax while their child is in class.

Swim lessons are conducted rain or shine. Should it rain, we have a warm indoor viewing area for parents to observe the lessons.

Here are the details!

$150 for eight 30-minute lessons

Minimum Age: 2.5 years

Max. 4 children per instructor

More information can be found on our FAQ page

The schedule is usually published to the website around 5 pm on the Thursday prior to the first day of the session. If we can, we will try to publish it earlier.

Payment is required to be part of the scheduling process.

Happy Swimming!