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Most Common Policies and Procedures

Please keep in mind that some of our policies are temporarily changed due to Covid. 

How do we communicate with our clients?

Since the client base for the Adventure Sports Swim School is in the thousands, Adventure Sports communicates largely via email. Adventure Sports maintains a mass client email database for initial communication, continuing emails, swim schedule publication, event promotion, and advertisement. We understand that not all emails may pertain to you at that moment. Please note that by choosing to unsubscribe, you will not be able to receive all future emails from Adventure Sports regardless of context, but there is an opportunity to be added back on. Click HERE if you need to sign up for our emails again:)

For those students continuing from one session to the next session without interruption, class-start time frame is requested via email initially. If we do not receive a response to our inquires for continuation, the student will not be scheduled for the next session.

How does the scheduling building process work?

Adventure Sports creates a custom-built schedule for each session of group swim lessons from January to December. The schedule build is based on our instructor availabilities, student availabilities and student skill levels. We feel this method allows us to offer our customers the most flexibility with their lessons. As a result, exact class times are unavailable until the week prior to the start of each session. The initial schedule for each session is published to the website on the Thursday before the session starts. When building the schedule our primary goal is to schedule the client within the class start time frame provided during signup. We accept requests (specific instructors, scheduled with friends, etc.) in addition to the class start time frame and we will try to fulfill those requests. However, we cannot guarantee we always be able to fulfill all requests. If we are unable to schedule your child within the times you provided, you may either wait until the next session (and receive priority schedule over other new signups) or receive a FULL REFUND. Once the student is scheduled, we do not remove the student from the schedule unless otherwise stated by the client.

For those students continuing from one session to the next session without interruption, we will ask you for a class-start time frame to build the student into the next schedule. Class-start time frame must be provided by the 3rd Friday within the current session. Adventure Sports does not presume a student will be continuing from one session to the next session. A class start-time frame must be provided, otherwise the student will not be scheduled.

How does payment and billing work?

Payment is always due at the time of registration, whether the client is a first-time student or a returning student to the Adventure Sports after a hiatus. Payment can be completed online, over the phone or in person. If payment is not received by the time scheduling process begins, the client will not be included even if they have provided a class start-time frame.

For those students continuing from one session to the next session without interruption, payment for the next session is due one week prior to the start of that session. If Adventure Sports has a credit card on file, we will charge it unless otherwise discussed with the client. The client’s credit card will not be charged unless continuing start time frame has been provided.

What are our refund and cancellation policies?

A full refund is available if you cancel prior to the schedule being published. Store credit is available if you cancel after the schedule has been published but prior to the start of the session. If you cancel after a session has begun or is up and running, or if you child refuses to participate in the class, there are no refunds or store credits. Once the session has begun or is up and running, services are being rendered.

What is the child information form?

Adventure Sports requires all clients to complete a Child Information Form prior to registering for a class (private/semi-private lessons, group lessons, or Swim Babies). The Child Information Form needs to be completed for each student for each year when the student attends the program. The Child Information Form enables Adventure Sports to maintain an up to date copy of the client’s contact information on file.

How does student swim time work?

As an incentive for further play/practice, the pool will be available some Fridays for our currently enrolled students and their family. The student must be registered in a class (private/semi-private lessons, group lessons, or Swim Babies) in the current session. The exact hours and availability are subject to change. Please check with the office for availability before you arrive. Please note: use of our swim instruction equipment (fins, floaties, kicky bars, etc.) is not allowed during open swim. You are welcome to bring your own floatation devices and toys. Open Swim is free of charge. Adventure Sports reserves the right to use the pool for additional programing on Fridays and can open swim, if necessary.

Makeup swim Classes?

Adventure Sports is the only local swim program that offers makeup classes in the event your student should miss any of their group lesson classes. Makeups are limited to a maximum of 2 per student per session. Makeups classes may be scheduled in any currently scheduled group class that is not full. Makeups must be completed by the end of the following session in which it was missed, otherwise you forfeit the class. Example, if the student missed a class during January session, they have until the end of the February Session to complete that missed class. Please drop by the shop or call the office to schedule makeups. Makeups must be scheduled through the office, please do not drop into an open class. If you schedule a makeup and fail to attend or cancel with less than 24 hours of notice, you will forfeit your makeup with no chance to reschedule. The instructors are not aware of the students scheduled as makeups, so you will have to let the teacher know at the start of class.

Does Adventure Sports provide discounts on swim lessons?

Adventure Sports does not provide discounts on the group swim lessons. This includes discounts for multiple siblings. During the winter months (November to January), Adventure Sports offers an annual limited-time promotion where multiple sessions packages can be purchased before registering for the session for a discount. These promotions are known as the Swim Specials, and are only offered during the winter.

Does Adventure Sports provide discounts on swim lessons?

Adventure Sports does not provide discounts on the group swim lessons. This includes discounts for multiple siblings. During the winter months (November to January), Adventure Sports offers an annual limited-time promotion where multiple sessions packages can be purchased before registering for the session for a discount. These promotions are known as the Swim Specials, and are only offered during the winter.


General Questions

What is the minimum age for starting lessons?

We start our Swim Babies at 4 months and our group lessons at 2 ½ years.

How many children are in each class?

There are no more than 4 children per instructor for the group lessons, 2 in a semi-private lesson, 1 in a private lesson, and approximately a 6:1 ratio for swim babies.

When are your classes offered?

We typically start up our program around the 3rd week of January and end the 3rd week of December with no gaps between sessions. Our twice a week classes are either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday. Our once a week classes are held either on Saturday or Sundays. The classes on M/W or T/Th run between 9am and 7:30pm, and the Sat/Sun classes run between 9:30am and 5pm.

What if I enroll my child, but he/she does not want to get in the water?

Unfortunately, due to our tight scheduling process, we are unable to offer refunds once a session has started and your child refuses to get in the water. We recommend you be prepared to get in the water with your child if you think they may need some assurances. We also offer open swim times on most Friday afternoons. If the pool is viewed as a place to have fun, then lessons may seem less stressful.

My child is not potty trained yet, do you require swim diapers?

If your child is not fully potty trained, a swim diaper (the disposable or reusable kind, NOT regular diapers) is required. We sell reusable swim diapers in the swim office for $11. A “potty” accident in the pool could require us to shut down the pool for the day and cancel classes. It is a time consuming and costly process. Please be attentive to your child’s bathroom needs.

What do I need to bring to class for my child?

Swimsuit, towel, goggles (if desired) and sunscreen (please apply at least 10 minutes before getting in the pool to maximize effectiveness). In lieu of sunscreen, you might consider a rash guard, which can provide up to SPF 50 equivalent protection without ever washing off. If your child has long hair, we do request that you tie it back in a ponytail or something similar. It is never easy to breathe with a face full of hair.

Is there paperwork I need to fill out before my child begins lessons?

We require you to submit our Swim Waiver online once per calander year. HERE is the Waiver.

Can my child use the pool before or after their lesson? What toys can they use in the hot tub?

We do not allow anyone in the pool when it is not their class time. We do, however, encourage you and your children to get in the hot tub before and/or after class. Non Swimmers (Beginners, Beginning +, Beginning Breather, Little Strokes) are welcome to go into the Hot Tub before/after class, however, an adult MUST BE IN the hot tub with them! At the very least, you must sit on the side of the hot tub with your feet in the water ready to help if needed. For all other swimmers, parents should be no more than a few feet away and ready to get wet as part of the hot tub is 4 feet deep and there is NO lifeguard on duty. Please use common sense while watching your kids in the hot tub (for example, don’t text or surf the web) and regardless of age or ability, always stay vigilant! There is a green bucket of toys that is kept by the hot tub for the kids to play with. Please don’t let your child waste precious water by pouring it out of the hot tub. None of the class materials are allowed in the hot tub. This includes floaties, kicky bars, flippers, kickboards or any of the toys from the black buckets next to the classes.

What are my responsibilities as a parent while my child is at adventure sports?

Parents are required to stay at the pool the entire time their child is here. If your child is in the hot tub, you are responsible for watching over them. There is NO lifeguard on duty. Please read the above question/answer for more information. We also ask that you help your kids to be respectful of other children in the hot tub. If a child is being too loud or rowdy in the hot tub, they will be asked to exit

Do you hold classes in the rain?

Classes are conducted RAIN or shine! The pool is warm (90°+) and the kids are going to be wet anyways, so it won’t matter much to them. For the parents, we have umbrellas on the deck and a classroom with windows overlooking the pool that parents can sit in. The only time we cancel classes due to the weather is if there is thunder and lightning, as this poses a safety risk. We will always call you if we cancel classes for the day. Please make sure we have current cell phone numbers and email addresses on file, in case we need to contact you last minute.

What is your refund policy?

Full refunds are available if:

-We are unable to find a class within the parameters you have provided us
-You cancel prior to scheduling
-ASU needs to cancel the class

Store credits are available if:
-You cancel after the schedule is posted but before the start of the session
NO Refunds or Credits are available if:
-You cancel on/after the Monday of the first week of the session
-Your child chooses not to participate in class

Is there anything I can do at home to help improve my child's swimming?

For our littlest swimmers who are still nervous about submerging, bath play is highly encouraged. The more you can expose your child to the water, the more comfortable they will be with it. Fun bath games that include blowing bubbles, holding breath or wearing goggles and looking at toys underwater are always a fun way to practice. Out of water, you can have your child sit on the ground and practice pointing their toes and doing straight little kicks (no bendy knees). You can also have your child stand in front of a mirror and practice their “big arms”.

Is there any time we can use the pool outside of lessons?

As an incentive for further play and practice, the pool will be available most Fridays from 11pm to 5pm for our currently enrolled students and their families to come and swim, FREE OF CHARGE!  Please note: use of our swim instruction materials (fins, floaties, kicky bars, etc..) is NOT allowed during open swim. You are welcome, however, to bring your own flotation devices and toys.


Registration and Scheduling Questions

How do I register my child for swim lessons?

For new swimmers joining us for the first time, we will work with you in deciding what skill level/class will be appropriate for you child (see Swim Levels Explained). Next, we will need to know what days and times your child is available for class. These are the basic parameters we will use to schedule your child. Online Registration is now available. For group lessons, see our available sessions on our Group Swim Lessons page and follow the links to pay and register. Or you can pay and register for Private Lessons, Semi-Private Lessons, and Swim Babies.

When is payment required?

Full payment is required when you register your child for class. If continuing, full payment is due when you confirm with us that your child will continue.

How does scheduling work?

We custom build the schedule of classes every session based on parent time requests and class availability. We build a class with a maximum of 4 children with similar skills, age and availability. The schedule will be complete by the Thursday prior to the start of the session and posted to our website. A confirmation form is available to let us know you have found your child’s time. You can also call us at 831-458-3648 to confirm your time.

How do I register if I want to continue to the next session?

In the third week of every session, we will contact you (via email and phone) to find out if you will be continuing into the next session. As a continuing student, you will have priority scheduling (we will schedule all continuing students first and then all new students).

What do I do about missed classes?

Each child has the opportunity to make-up two missed lessons per session. Make ups are scheduled in classes that have less than four students, and they must be scheduled within the same session in which they were missed or the following session (even if you are not enrolling in it). These make-ups are scheduled through the swim office. Call, email or stop by the swim office for available times. A 24 hour advance notice is required if you cannot attend your make-up. If you cancel within less than 24 hours, or don’t show up to your scheduled make up, you will forfeit that make up with no chance to reschedule. Scheduling make-ups is a labor intensive process and is a privilege. While we strive to find times for your child’s missed lessons, there are no guarantees we will have availability to meet everyone’s schedule.

Do you cancel classes on holidays?

We will not be having classes on the following dates:

•The Thursday of Thanksgiving through Sunday.
•The cost of the December T/TH and the November-December Saturday and Sunday Sessions are prorated to reflect 7 classes.


Facility Questions

Where are you located?

We are located in the Old Sash Mill complex at 303 Potrero Street, Suite 15, across the street from the Gateway Center (Ross, Cost Plus, Pet Smart, etc.).

Where can I park?

During busy swim hours at Adventure Sports, parking can become a problem. We do share the parking spaces with the surrounding office complex, and parking in front of ASU is minimal. We encourage parents to park behind Adventure Sports (on the Pacific Cookie Co. side) and walk around.

IS your pool open to the public?

The Adventure Sports pool is a private pool used for high-end swimming and SCUBA. Therefore, we are unable to offer times for general public use.

Is your pool indoor or outdoor? What is the temperature? How deep is it?

Our outdoor pool is kept at 90° F. It is 9 feet in the deep end and 4 feet in the shallow end. The steps and our custom islands are used for the little swimmers. There is plenty of deck space with big umbrellas for parents to sit under and watch their kids during class. We have an indoor viewing area for parents when it is raining.

Do you use chlorine?

We do use chlorine in our pool, however, the amount used is greatly reduced by our Ozonator system. Ozone is used as a purifier which occurs naturally in our atmosphere. Ozone leaves no chemical by-products in the pool or on the skin/hair. It does not irritate the eyes or discolor hair or clothing. Many cities use ozone to purify their municipal drinking water.

Are there changing rooms and places to shower?

We have changing rooms and outdoor showers with hot water available to rinse off after class.