Departing for Cozumel

Tropical reef with sea fans in CozumelAs the new month begins many of us here at Adventure Sports are packing our bags, and preparing for drift diving and margaritas.  We will be arriving Saturday with our group of old and new divers revamping the tradition of Adventure Sports taking over Cozumel Mexico.  We have been preparing ourselves for the warm water by diving in the hot tub and eagerly await the clear blue waters of Cozumel. While we are diving the blue water, and walls of Cozumel steadily being pushed along by the current.   But while we are enjoying the pristine blue waters, walls that reach into the depths, and margaritas on the beach, don’t fret because there are other opportunities to join us for some trips that are a little closer to home.  These trips are also a little lighter on the wallet if you are looking to get a bang for your buck.  We have the annual trips to the Channel Islands over Memorial Day $650 and Labor Day $1150, and the infamous Big Sur trip June 11th to 15th $918.  All of these trips have limited space and are quickly approaching so reserve your spots before they are all gone.  If you are looking to increase your dive skills we also have an Advanced Open Water class starting April 15th and diving the 18th, 19th and 25th.  Take advantage of the cold water and experience Blue Kelp Diving.scuba diver on the vision in channel islands

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