Papau New Guinea-A Once & a Life Time Adventure

My most illustrious dive bunch, I have only ONE spot remaining on one of the best exotic tropical adventures on the panet.  It’s to Papau New Guinea (PNG).  Now the reason why PNG is such an amazing dive destination is because it is so uncivilized. Civilizations ruin coral.  It has some of the most impeccable soft and hard corals loaded with critters you won’t believe.  Now these critters aren’t your normal muck environments surounded by mud and garbage, but set in compositions of stellar beauty.  We are going to a new destination, Walinde Resort in the north PNG sea.  We will be exploring this area by live-abord, the fabulous Fabrina.

The diving will be beyond doubt your best but to go to this wonderful spot you would be remiss if you didn’t sample the culture.  Anthropologists love this nation because it has so many indemic tribes-I mean 860 differnent languages. The place isn’t that big!  The only time these tribes even relate to each other is during a thing called the “Sing Sing”.  We are privaliged to have spots to watch this display of pageantry where hundreds of tribes will battle each other in song and dance.
The trip is from August 16th to the 31st.  It will be epic.  I have two spaces left-join me-your eyes will never be the same!

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