A New Abalone Foraging Expedition

A New Abalone Foraging Expedition

Adventure Sports Unlimited (ASU) has made their reputation taking people on

treks to exotic destinations to explore, forage for gourmet ingredients, and create

gustatory meals to excite the most refined palate. We called these treks Family

Style Adventures (FSA) in which the group melded together to make a

momentous happening. They were placed in a wilderness environment, primarily

camping, meant for experienced foragers to nurture initiates, and priced for the

pocket book for the family. People grew up on these things-got married, created

children, produced new water people-they were unbelievably fun! We lost one of

our favorites, Stillwater Cove Ranch abalone extravaganza, to simply time and the

retirement of the ranch owners. ASU decided to venture on another venue just

down the coast called Ocean Cove. It is not as exclusive as Stillwater Cove

Ranch but it is situated right on the rugged cliffs overlooking the beautiful

northern California coast of Sonoma. I don’t know whether the environment was

simply trying to pull us in but this first return was simply magical. I mean calm

clear glassy seas, no wind, sun and the ocean was loaded with marine mammals.

They almost ran over our dive foragers. It was a classic excursion, 2/3 new

California divers, young and old ASU people, and meals you could die for. We

even danced till midnight Saturday evening to the standing ovation from our

neighboring campers. It was truly an FSA, the essence of synergy, the resultant

happening is more than the sum of its parts. We will do more of these things so

stay tuned. The next FSA is slated for October in which we will initiate again

the Big Sur Camping experience, the 15th-19th Join us, you will love it.

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