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Renewing a Tradition

We used to have many parties at Adventure Sports Unlimited (ASU) which included an open pool, libations and fresh seafood that we, as a team, went out to catch before the party.  Business has gotten in the way of this wonderful sharing in the past few years but Jim Patterson, our noble manager, said we should re-up the practice for the parties we will have in the future.  So, this last Friday we sharpened up our foraging implements to catch fresh fish for our Swim Party on Sunday the 21st.  We had a gathering of  intrepid divers and met at Carmel River State Beach.  We paddled our kayaks and dove a beautiful, secret spot, a deep plateau loaded with rock fish.  It was a wonderful dive with 50 foot visibility.  As a result, we will have fish to share for the party, but really, it as a time to share the ocean and participate in the reason we have this business – enjoy the result on Sunday!

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  1. Nate
    Nate says:

    Great concept, however it still concerns me how many shops condone spearfishing with the aide of scuba. I know that most have good intentions but a lot of amateur scuba divers really mess up hunting areas because they feel like it’s “ok” to hunt on scuba because shops advocate it. Just food for thought but I guarantee any real spears would agree.

  2. Adventure-Sports
    Adventure-Sports says:

    While I share your sentiment that over fishing is a bad thing, I hardly believe SCUBA divers are a major factor in “messing up hunting areas”. What about commercial fishing? Or party boats? And what about pollution? And by pointing the finger at SCUBA divers because they use SCUBA opens up a big Pandora’s box. Yes, SCUBA allows you to breath underwater, but it is simply one form of technology. One could say it’s unsportsmanlike to use a commercially made speargun vs. crafting your own. Do you use fins when you free dive? One could say you need to swim barefoot to make it a “real sport”. How about that wetsuit? It helps you stay warmer longer than you could without it. The list goes on and on. We all use technology, but picking and choosing which one makes the sport “fair” or “sportsmanlike” to make a point is flawed logic. While I don’t hunt on land, I am sure there are those who argue over rifles being unsportsmanlike compared to bow hunting.

    We advocate catching only what you will use, and being selective in what you catch…irregardless of the method of take. In the end, how one hunts is up to each individual.


  3. Candace Dekkert
    Candace Dekkert says:

    HI GUYS!
    When I clicked on “OCT.” to see what’s coming up, my MAC can’t take me to the next mo. (since Sept’s almost over)
    Do you think it’s a Comcast or a Website problem??
    Just thought I’d alertcha.
    Sorry to hv missed the party @ the shop.
    From Cupcake

  4. Lotus
    Lotus says:

    Sounds great! Keep that happy vibe going! You have a wonderful facility and really could not do more to maintain and share with your community! Party Up ASU -Do it!
    Dennis is so proud, may he Rest In Peace ??

  5. Lotus
    Lotus says:

    You guys are doing great! You share such a well maintained facility with our community! Party Up ASU -Do it!
    Dennis is proud! May he rest in peace??

  6. Lotus
    Lotus says:

    Oh i forgot abit! you guys really do everything you can to provide much variety of adventure, your passsion seeps out to us, it is infectious! Thank you for sharing and inspiring a great love for swimming and ocean treasuring! Ok now Party Up!

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