August Session Schedule

TIP: On desktop computers, use Ctrl+F (Cmd+F on Mac) and type in your child’s first name in addition to the first letter of their last name to quickly find their time. On mobile devices phones may cut off some of the classes, the schedules can often have more than 3 instructors. Touch and scroll across the schedule grid or zoom in/out on the schedule grid.

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August Session Starts on Monday, July 31st.

Monday/Wednesday July 31st-August 23rd

Tuesday/Thursday August 1st-August 24th

Please plan accordingly for the schedule. If you choose to drop from the schedule once it is up and running, we are unable to provided refunds or on-file credits.

Emily Linnea Stella Kyle Nicole C Nicole L
9am 9am Beginning +
Anna B
Charlie H
Sean R
Gino C
9:30am Strokes 9:30am Little Strokes
Ella G Enzo B
Willow W Wilder G
Ellie R Camille A
Harper A
10am Beginning Strokes 10am Beginning Breather
Ever L Rowan H
Aliyah R Adeline D
Koa O Kaylie O
James S
10:30am Little Strokes 10:30am Strokes + 10:30am Beginning +
Kai S Cali B Summer B
Bryce G Breven H Faith B
Belen H Avery S
Elliot C Teagan M
11am Beginning + 11am BREAK 11am Beginning +
Hunter D Dyllon S
Gabriel R Jackson S
Audrey R Urijah T
Kasen K
11:30am Beginning Breather 11:30am Little Strokes
Adelaide B Landon E
Alaina M Brayden L
Nathan D Kyla R
Asa R Mileena R
12pm Beginner 12pm Beginning +
Barrett N Kali Z
Shoshana N Mateya F
Madison T Lorenzo T
Skye S
12:30pm 12:30pm BREAK
1:30pm Little Strokes
Asher S
Trillium R
Mason M
2pm Strokes
Mason L
Ethan B
2:30pm BREAK
3pm Beginning Breather 3pm Beginning Breather 3pm Beginning + 3pm Beginner
Calvin H Elias M Ryland H Jack V
Eloise J Rene M Cyrus L Louis M
Lakota B Cooper R Avery S Hank R
Luca D Kady Mae R
3:30pm Strokes 3:30pm Little Strokes 3:30pm Competition 3:30pm Training w/Nicole
Sierra W Sullivan L Neva L
Owen W Silas H Isabel S
Wyatt H Raleigh H Malia W
Olivia M Maya H
4pm BREAK 4pm Beginning Strokes 4pm Strokes 4pm Training w/Kyle
Morgan S Madison F
Nathaniel W Georgia H
Maggie F Evan K
4:30pm BREAK 4:30pm Beginning + 4:30pm Little Strokes 4:30pm BREAK
Henry K Sonia M
Finley T Alexander K
Madison W
Henry F
5pm Beginner 5pm BREAK 5pm BREAK 5pm Beginning Breather
Micaiah S Landon F
Darla S Kennedy S
Dylan K
Marlena W
5:30pm Beginning + 5:30pm BREAK 5:30pm Strokes 5:30pm Training w/Nicole
Nolan W Benjamin T
David G Luke W
Nadine C
Benjamin F
6pm Beginning Breather 6pm Beginning + 6pm Little Strokes 6pm Little Strokes
Lola V Cypress S William R Evangeline C
Aaron I Yingtong L Willa N Isabella R
Elijah L Scarlett P
Fiona M
6:30pm Beginner 6:30pm Competition 6:30pm Beginning Strokes 6:30pm Beginning +
Rose R Aditya Y Michael C Kayla D
David G Sarah C Brian G
Lucia N Jasmine L Xavier V
Aiden R Henry H
Emily Linnea Stella Kyle Nicole C Nicole L
Dennis Jessica Tyree Rachel Drew
9:30am Beginning +
Grayson P
Sora M
10am Strokes 10am Beginning Breather
Mose L Caleb C
Harper W Abigail C
Giovanni C Uma O
Leilana A
10:30am Beginning Breather 10:30am Beginning + 10:30am Beginner
Gavin Z Milla O Laith F
Luca D Nathan W Lido W
Ansel R Julian D Horace D
Arianna C Grace H
11am Strokes + 11am Beginning Breather 11am Little Strokes
Liam S Oliver P Cleo T
Elodie V Ayla B Nika W
Sammie B Abbey B
Tristan A
11:30am Little Strokes 11:30am Little Strokes 11:30am Beginning Strokes
Davis G Mason H Pearl T
Saige S Ryder E Sam M
Ellery S Nora L
12pm Beginning + 12pm Beginning Strokes 12pm Beginning Breather
Davis C Allison C Isabelle M
Leila H Guilia M Jack H
Grant F Ethan N
Adam N
12:30pm Competition 12:30pm BREAK
Leo M
Chloe M
1:30pm BREAK 1:30pm BREAK
2pm Little Strokes 2pm Beginning + 2pm Competition
Evan E Harlow R Libby P
Mabel H Kai H Rosie P
Lucas M Elias R
Joy R
2:30pm Strokes 2:30pm Beginning Breather 2:30pm Beginner
Brayden M Rylee H Alexis F
Oliver H Luca D Tijl D
Teagan H Zev E Axel A
Avi E Faas D
3pm BREAK 3pm BREAK 3pm Strokes
Dhiya S
Jack K
Peirce M
Bodhi H
3:30pm BREAK 3:30pm BREAK 3:30pm Beginning + 3:30pm BREAK
Estella P
Oliver H
Nick D
Lucas D
4pm Beginner 4pm Beginning Breather 4pm Strokes + 4pm BREAK
Elaina R Lyra K Tyler S
Vivienne J Brooklyn M Kai S
Louis M Aria M Noah C
Reese M
4:30pm Little Strokes 4:30pm Beginning Strokes 4:30pm BREAK 4:30pm Strokes
Robert K Jeffery D Morgan R
. Miles C Alana D
5pm BREAK 5pm Beginning + 5pm Beginning Breather 5pm Beginning Strokes
Benji M Cash B Nadine G
Izayah M Ian G Ethan C
Carlos M Violet B Cameron W
Larry T Fiona C Zachary W
5:30pm BREAK 5:30pm Strokes 5:30pm Beginning + 5:30pm Little Strokes
Stephanie G Luke B Liam B
Emmerson I Brody P Taja F
Kirra B Liam P
Finneous V
6pm Competition 6pm Beginner 6pm Beginning +/Beginning Breather
Isa G Helen A Westley C
Macy F Ellie S Benson E
Colby F Olivia S
6:30pm Strokes + 6:30pm Beginning Strokes 6:30pm Little Strokes
Sam B Opal P Thomas S
Mason C Isaac S Dorian G
Cody L Kyle L Kai D
Jonah G Nathan A Chloe W
Dennis Jessica Tyree Rachel Drew

TIP: On desktop computers, use Ctrl+F (Cmd+F on Mac) and type in your child’s first name in addition to the first letter of their last name to quickly find their time. Some mobile phones may cut off some of the classes, so please check on a tablet or computer.

Confirm Your Time(s)