2015 Adventure Sports Swim Celebration

It was another fabulous year at the Annual Adventure Sports Water Celebration Party!  The weather was lovely and the kids were happy.  For our swim meet, all the kids swam like sharks and got to show off their awesome swimming skills to parents and friends.  The games were a hit, as always.  Sinkers were collected, boogie boards were raced and all the kids massed together in floaties to catch the floating balls.  The obstacle course is always a hit, and included almost every toy we had!!!  Chef Dario prepared a mighty tasty meal and was enjoyed by all. But as always, the biggest hit of the party was the SCUBA for the kids.  The kids just did not want to come up from underwater.  They would have all stayed down all day if we had let them!  We had a few GoPro’s around the pool to capture the action.  We hope you all enjoy the video and that you are able to join us again for the party in 2016!

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