Winter Dive Conditions, January 10th & 11th

monterey-bay-underwater-04Arriving on the beach early Saturday morning stars still hung in the sky, hinting to the clear skies that would soon fallow.  The swell had taken a turn and had started coming in from the south giving protection to our little corner of South Monastery beach.  All of our divers, including the entire Kalafut family and the wonderful Livia Hyams arrived to begin their diving adventure.  The deep blue water was offset with cuts of turquoise called to the new divers increasing the excitement of finally taking the plunge.  The conditions could not have been more classic, clearly somebody in the class had brought a whole lot of luck with them to achieve this amount of perfection.  The visibility was so good only the gentle sway of the surge reminded us that we were underwater.  All forms of life were active, from the many rockfish resting on the reef, to the lingcod stalking its next meal, and the decorator crabs scurrying across the rocks.  As the instructor I could not have asked for a more wonderful group of divers to share these phenomenal conditions with.  Every single dive in addition to the wonderful scenery all of our divers improved their skills by leaps and bounds.  Even our youngest divers Tessa, Grace and Emily managed to master the skills and kayak diving, all in only 4 dives.
scuba diving montereyAt the end of this spectacular winter day of diving we had seen growth from all of our divers, Livia had concurred her fear of the ocean and the Kalafut Family had found an activity that they can share as a family.  We hope to see all of our new divers joining us for our first Friday dives, the next one will be February 6th, and on our upcoming 3 day trip aboard the Vision over Memorial day weekend.  For all of you divers who may be feeling the winter diving itch, now is the best time of year to be getting in the water and for those who may not want to brave the cold of Monterey and Carmel bay, don’t forget to reserve your spot on the Memorial day Channel Islands trip before all of the spots are gone.

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