Winter in the Carmel Trench

Well winter is the time to shine up that SCUBA gear and get ready for our best diving.  My last  Advanced Open Water (AOW) class in December was simply a delight.  the weather was sublime and conditions were glass.  Our lunch at Pebble Beach/Stillwater Cove was like looking out a tropical paradise.  the only problem was the need for sunscreen.  The clarity Carmel Canyon in this season can be gin clear.  Stephan Eggers is putting together another AOW class in January to focus your skills to exploring this most spectacular world class underwater wilderness.  Here’s the schedule:

  • Meeting, January 8th, 6 pm/ASU = Logistics + Navigation
  • 1st Dive Day, January 10th, 7 am/Pt. Lobos = Naturalist + Navigation
  • 2nd Dive Day, January 11th, 7 am/Carmel River = Complex Navigation + Multi-Level/Computer
  • 3rd Dive Day, January 19th, 7 am/Mono-Lobo Wall = Deep/Multi-Level/Computer + Exploratory Dive
  • Night Dive, January 25th, 4 pm/Beach Hopper II Boat

Refer to our web site for more information,

Remember, past AOW graduates are welcome to join us on any of the outings.  Just call to reserve your space and receive your cooperative food assignment-great diving!

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