Winter Adventure Events

Aquatics Enthusiasts,

Stephan Eggers had an amazing dive weekend with his AOW Class-he hit the window right on.  Dove Carmel River beach Saturday in a moment of lull and got his class to touch one of the most amazing places on the planet to dive.  Diving this time of year is of talent and luck-you need to find a window and an entry point that is protected from the swell.  He dove Monastery beach Mono-Lobo wall Sunday with protection, but Carmel River was booming-as luck will have it.  Now we need the swells to clean up the ocean-they get rid of the dust of Summer, trim the dead leaves off the kelp forest, and bring up the cold clear waters from the trench.  We do like to dive the window between swells as calm is nice.  We have a few of adventures for those who want to touch the aquatic space in this best of all seasons.  And even though the Mavericks people are predicting a swell Friday, it’s supposed to drop the whole weekend-so here we go:

  • Night Dive, Saturday the 25th, 3 pm Monterey, Beach Hopper II Boat = 2 tank dives/Evening & Nite = for those who dig night dives by boat and AOW people who need to get in a dive.  Plan on dinner after.  Limited space so be sure to get your name in.
  • Rescue Diving Class Start, Wednesday the 29th, 6 pm ASU = Introduction & planning = this class is for those who want more experience in dive planning-emphasis toward being able to help people in need.
  • AOW Class Intro., Wednesday April 16th, 6 pm ASU = a series of dives to get you confident in diving the waters of Carmel Bay.
  • Memorial Weekend Dive Aboard the Vision Yacht, May 24th-26th, $650 = Sundecks + Unlimited Diving + Cuisine + Sleeping Quarters = The most luxurious diving on the coast.  Join us for a tour of the southern Channel Islands of California.

Dive with us on these adventures created from years of dedication to beautiful aquatic outings-you deserve it!

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