Wakatobi: A South Seas Sanctuary for Divers

I’m always amazed at the wonders of diver’s resorts.  They are some of the most beautiful places on the planet, set in the most out of the way places and they are designed for me!  I guess divers are pretty adventuresome people and some of them have a pile of money.  The reason for this is that coral doesn’t like people-human pollution, the machinery of civilization, and fin prints knock the crap out of coral.  So high end SouthSea resorts are placed in the most back water places imaginable.  Wakatobe is just such a place.  The Swiss that envisioned this resort put it on the Banda Sea-a portion of the ocean between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.  The island was dry brush surrounded by luscious coral before they found it.  They put in parrot fish poop for sand (a traditional shore soft back composition), palm trees, comfortable dwellings facing the glassy sea, and a gourmet restaurant you palate would die for.  It takes 3 days to get there by air and in the past it took an additional 20 hours by boat to appreciate this coral sanctuary.  They made it easier by building their own airport with a fire truck ( a requirement by FAA).  Now our South Sea group is quite seasoned and has been traveling the special places on earth forever.  We usually buy a live aboard dive boat so they can cater to our high end needs.  This was a resort with a select 50 divers from around the globe.  It did take a bit of getting used to each other as the dive guides had to accept our independence.  Being a high end resort used to catering to some pretty special people they adapted.  Wakatobe Island is a fantasy resort for a tincture of worldwide divers desirous of pure coral-a wonderful escape to the most aquatic biodiversity on the planet.


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