Vision Trip Guide

While many of you who have heard of Truth Aquatics and the famous boat the Vision, but those that may not be familiar, here is a guide to the trips Adventure Sports takes.

scuba diver on the vision in channel islandsThe boat the Vision was built in Venice California, and launched in 1974, currently it calls Santa Barbara home.  It is a 69 foot boat capable of accommodating 45 passengers, with 12 double bunks and 20 single bunks.  The Truth has 2 compressors capable of filling tanks up to 3500 psi, 65 foot weather deck and racks for storing kayaks, surf boards, and stand up paddle boards.  There is a storage area for wetsuits/dry-suits, cold storage for fresh caught fish, and dryers for towels and drysuit under ware.  The Vision has a range of 550 nautical miles, and has trips to Anacapa, Santa Cruz, Santa Rosa, San Miguel Islands. Other Islands visited are Catalina, Santa Barbara, San Clemente, San Nicolas, Cortez Banks, and Big Sur.

What you get when you join a trip aboard the Vision

Amenities that are included onboard the Vision include, 3 five star meals a day and snacks to keep you occupied during surface intervals, a bunk of your own with a light and bedding, unlimited tank fills during the trips so you can dive to your hearts content, hot showers located on the deck and inside the cabin, and a very knowledgeable and helpful crew.

What you get when you join Adventure Sports aboard the Visionchannel-islands-vision-dive-boat-mixology-1

Adventure Sports for those who are familiar tend to do things a little differently, but we also always like to have a good time.  So each night of the there will be a different showcase of one of Dennis’s famous cocktails, some of the highlights every year include margarita’s and a very special Dennis bloody mary.  We also offer 1/2 price rentals if you are a repeat tripper, and free rentals for your first trip aboard the Vision with Adventure Sports.  For the newer divers we also like to offer a free Advanced Open Water class while on the trip, using the many opportunities to refine diving skills throughout the trips.  For our upcoming Memorial day trip we will be offering a Diving with GoPro workshop on the boat for all the divers that are hoping to share the epic diving found in the Channel Islands.

Garabaldi-in-Kelp,-Vision,-Our Upcoming Trips.

Memorial Day Trip– May 23rd-35th to the Southern Channel Islands (3 day trip to San Clemente Island)

Big Sur Trip– June 11th-14th Explores the most pristine diving of the California Coast

Labor Day Trip– September 4th-8th to the Southern Channel Islands (5 Day trip to multiple Islands & Cortez Banks depending on conditions)

Sign up for one of our trips aboard the vision today and come join the adventure.


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