Time to Be a Hero

With the growing popularity of the self shot video and boom of GoPro Adventure Sports has chosen to join the revolution.  We are now stocking the Hero 4 Black and Silver, and some handy accessories.  Both Hero 4 models are capable of shooting in up to 4K quality, the Hero 4 black is also capable of shooting 120 FPS at 1080p perfect for those super slow-motion  shots.  The Hero 4 silver has the benefit of the built in LED screen to help line up the perfect shot.  In celebration of this new arrival Adventure Sports will be conducting a general GoPro tutorial during our trip aboard the Vision for Memorial day.  But that’s not all we are also preparing to offer Underwater Videography specially courses that are geared specifically for GoPro’s.  Our first official GoPro class will be starting September 2nd and diving over Labor Day weekend.  For those that have GoPro already or are planning on picking up the latest and greatest this is a great opportunity to try out some different mounts while diving and learn how to use the GoPro editing software.  And share your creation with the rest of the group.  For more details please contact the shop.

Here is a little video from the April OW dives.

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  1. Brian Renfro
    Brian Renfro says:

    What an amazing weekend. Thanks to Scuba Steve and Dennis for all of their patience and passion!
    Thanks to all of my new dive buddies too for an unforgettable experience.

    Props to ASU!

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