The Peak of Summer Diving

With the completion of the August AOW class over the last weekend we have been witness to some of the best summer diving conditions and visibility in recent years.  Warmer water temperatures and calm swells have been providing astonishing visibility for divers who know where to find it.  During this last Advanced Open Water Class we took our kayaks to Point Lobos, Carmel River State Beach, and Monastery Beach to take advantage of our aquatic vehicles and find the best visibility around.  In our exploration we managed to find 30-40ft visibility in such iconic sites as Bluefish Cove, Butterfly House and Mono Lobo Wall.  We even found ourselves fortunate enough to be accompanied by Humpback whales at Mono Lobo Wall and Monastery Beach as they put on quite an amazing show.  For those who are Open Water certified the AOW class is the best opportunity to hone your skills as a diver and become acquainted with some of the most coveted dive sites in the Carmel Bay.  If you are already Advanced certified dont forget about the Rescue diver course to advance your knowledge, We have a class starting on September 8th if you are interested contact the shop and pick up your books today!

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