Returning From the Deep Blue

cozumel-underwater-1-5It has been nearly 12 years since our last trip to Cozumel, but the familiar hotel with yet another new name brought many blissful memories back to our group of misfit divers.  We enjoyed the beautiful dives, currents, walls and company of the new and old divers experiencing Cozumel once again.  We had managed to pull it off, a rekindling of one of our favorite Caribbean playgrounds.  With the success of this trip we see no reason not to make it a more frequent occurrence and reestablish Adventure Sport’s presence in the Caribbean.

Despite a rough start dealing with flight delays, grabbing the wrong passport, and some equipment acting up this trip was amazing.   Despite these minor disturbances, in true ASU fashion we soldiered on.  Each day started with a complimentary breakfast from the hotel that surprisingly exceed our expectations, then just enough time to relax and enjoy the view from the balcony.  After loading all of our equipment on to the boat we made our way for the sites.  The anticipation built every morning as we motored over the turquoise and deep blue water, sometimes you would be able to catch glimpses of silver reflecting on the water as the ripples from the wind disturbing enough water to prevent a crystal clear vision of the bottom.  The risibility on many of the dives was often good enough to see divers as a mere speck and you zoom across the reefs and walls with the deep blue water beckoning to those who crave the deep clear water.  There was no shortage of life as we flew over the reefs with common sightings of sea turtles, stingrays, nurse sharks, lobsters, and a wide variety of colorful fish. Like any beautiful dive there was no shortage of documentation on this trip including GoPro video from Tammy Blanchard and Stephen Eggers and photography from Dennis Judson and Jim Patterson.  Which we will be adding to our web site very soon.The diving was a breath of fresh air, clear visibility, walls, currents, all forms of creatures to see and take video or pictures of, and in true ASU fashion the days always ended with an abundance of alcoholic drinks, and 5 star food.  But like all dive trips despite the phenomenal diving and nearly endless walls it must come to an end, and we as divers must return to the real world.Yellow Stingray underwater in Cozumel, Mexico

But for those of you who were unable to join us on this magnificent trip don’t fret there are always more opportunities to dive with Adventure Sports.

First Friday Dives:  The first Friday of every month we do guided kayak dives for those who have done the kayak training with us and only for $60 including rentals

We have managed to fill our Memorial day trip but we still have openings on our Big Sur and Labor day trip.

Big Sur Trip: 4 days of diving in the beautiful uncharted Big Sur $918 June 11th-14th

Labor Day Trip: 5 Days of Diving the Southern Channel Islands aboard the Vision out of Santa Barbara $1150 September 4th-8th

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