New Kids in the Carmel Canyon

My August Ow Class was a surprising breath of salt water.  Now doing Groupon classes are an open bag-you really don’t know what you will get.  None of these people where from Santa Cruz-they were all from some place else, some as far as Hayward-what a commute! But they all embraced the complex waters of the Carmel Trench in ASU’s kayak diving course.  This may be one of my most successful classes.  Laura & Chris, my vegan couple from San Francisco, along with Russell from Hollister got an award for the best scores on all the exams-they only missed one question out of all the exams!  Everyone embraced the waters of Monastery in some of the calmest conditions I think I’ve ever seen-ultimately FLAT!  The visibility was not commensurate with the flatness, you know plankton happens.  But with kayak diving we could get into deeper waters getting 20 pus clarity.  My hats off to these new divers-you will see them on many more adventures.

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