Komodo 2012

Here is a wonderful video of the Komodo Island trip ASU did in 2012.  It was filmed and produced by this funny Fin, Mikko, with a prodigious talent to humorously portray the underwater world. It is also a great example on what is possible with a Go Pro.  He is not a professional photographer but could be.  It is funny how he starts out with a rendition of a film camera and continues with the sound throughout the showing.  When he does this production he has to match the sound, which he gets for free, with the imagery.  You will notice that he was intrigued with the constant action of the coral and fish life-beautiful.  For you budding Go Pro enthusiasts, he takes 2 to 3 minute vignettes, often with a tripod, to put these showings together.  This is also an example where ASU likes to go-fantastic coral-thank you Mikko and the salutation.