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June 2013 Open Water Recap

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Welcome the New Bubblers on the Block!

We just completed a passel of new divers this last weekend. It was a class of buddies-everyone was taking diving for the right reasons-to join their friends in this amazing aquatic adventure. Ken, a George Disbro Diver, one of the first shops in SC, brought his son, Tyler, to learn SCUBA. Corrie and Frank are going to Turneffe Island in Belize on a romantic diving vacation. Angela and Cameron, brother and sister, are going with their parents for a wet sojourn in the Caribbean. Mark is escaping with his new mate to Dominica. Bryon Bailey was a late entry that didn’t want to be left out of the fun. They all are healthy and in tune with kayak diving, ASU style, in the Carmel Bay. You will be seeing more of these aquanauts so give them a cheer. The picture was taken after their last dive with a toast by the father of Angela & Cameron; siblings that will always be buddies. It was quite a class. We should also toast Stephen Eggers and Kyle Gorham for their undaunted assistance in some pretty tense off shore winds on the last dive. Hear, hear!

I’d like to mention the wonderful program we have for you to continue to hone your skills. For our entry level cruisers, we offer you the opportunity to join us on the last dive day of any PADI Open Water Class. Simply call the shop and make your reservation. We will portage your kayak and you will meet us on the beach for a fine day of diving with a picnic on a great beach. The cost is $60 for rentals and beach side logistics. We will call you for a cooperative food assignment and relay the dive plan. Jim has also chartered the Beach Hopper II for those who desire a bigger boat to launch their aquatic cruising. The next outing is slated for August 4th. Call ASU and log your space-price $70 plus ½ rentals for the day.

padi advanced open waterFor those who desire higher adventure ASU is starting an AOW class August 14th. This offering is meant to expand your skills to explore the Carmel Trench/Big Sur environs. It is all diving and on site learning the techniques to view this world class wilderness. Here is the schedule:

  • August 14th, 6 pm ASU = Logistics + Navigation + Kayak Diving Pool
  • August 16th, 7 am = Pt. Lobos/Naturalist + Navigation)
  • August 17th, 7 am = Carmel River/Deep + Multi-Level Diving
  • August 18th, 7 am = Mono-Lobo Wall/Multi-Level Deep + Computer Diving
  • August 25th, 7 am = Make-up Cypress Point

Sign up within a month of your OW Certification, and save $48!

All AOW divers are welcomed to join us in this exploration as you can’t get enough of these places. Call ASU to book. The fee is a righteous food assignment and ½ off rentals.

5 day visionAnd for those who simply like unmitigated luxury we have chartered the Yacht, Vision, for a 5-Day cruise to the semi-tropical southern Channel Islands over Labor Day. It is 5 days of crystal visibility, 5-days of golden kelp wilderness laced with silvery bait balls. Plus, hopefully, all the fresh sushi you can eat. Every day we will repose in a new location and enter this mystical space. Our Vision yacht will be our portable resort. You can acquire skills for your AOW certification on this venture. The cost is $970 for cuisine, lodging, sundecks, kelp forests beyond belief, and fresh seafood. Three of the 5 days are holiday and if this is your first trip with ASU rentals are free-how can you miss it!

-Dennis Judson


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