January OW Class Fun in the Pool

ow underwater #5As our current open water class nears its end, the students prepare for the final test and reward for all of their work over the past few weeks.  They have spent hours upon hours studying and practicing their skills in the pool to finish their open water certification this upcoming weekend.  Despite the wealth of experience in the ocean that this class possesses our friend the ocean has not been cooperating as of late.  Reports from a local diver out on Sunday claim 10ft visibility at the Warf in Monterey.  But despite the fluctuations in the swell over the next few days we will all keep our fingers crossed and hope that the ocean decides to cooperate with us and allow some decent visibility.

Despite this current temperamental ocean this first class of 2015 has been a blast, an excited and energetic ow poolgroup of soon to be divers, and a few new toys in the form of the H2Odyssey Torid Pulse. I personally look forward to this weekend’s dives and hopefully future dives that this group will join Adventure Sports, like the First Friday dives, or our upcoming Memorial Day trip aboard the Vision.

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