Dreaming of California Diving

Sub-Sea Explorers,
This summer has been epic in the Carmel/Big Sur oceanic environs. We have had unbelievable visibility and glassy seas. Our Big Sur trip on the Vision yacht to this most isolated coast delivered new aquatic topography that I have dreamed about for 30 years. Even our entry level outings to Monastery beach have been dives to cherish. I mean surfers are beside themselves looking energy to excite their stick-the ocean has been flat line below 5 feet for weeks. This ocean looks unmitigated blue with even a hint of south making South Monastery beach even more enticing. Someone is really lucky.

We have many adventures to keep you up to speed. For the newly certified diver you can join us on the 3rd and 4th dives of our Open Water SCUBA class. Our program wants to give as much pleasure and real life experience to 3 out of the 4 required dives. So the last two dives are dedicated to experiencing the beauty of Carmel Bay. You are invited to join us to explore the many facets of foothills of the Monastery trench. Simply call ASU to see if there is room and reserve your space. We will take your kayak, you will bring your picnic assignment and SCUBA gear, plus our instructors will be there to help you in your dive plan. The cost is $60 for rentals, dive kayak, and a wonderful day on the beach.

Now if boat diving is floats your psyche, Jim has reserved several dates on the Beachhopper II. This craft is noted to be very user friendly with captain & crew dedicated to making your subsea experience fun. The next trip is scheduled for September 2nd.

For those who want to gain the skills to confidently venture into the environs of Carmel/Big Sur we offer the Advanced Open Water Class (AOW). Its objective is to give you the techniques to independently explore our very complex and unique kelp wilderness. Our August offering starts with an introduction Wednesday night the 14th @ 6 pm. The dives are scheduled for the following weekend of the 16th-18th. The AOW class is an ongoing program with dive sites that change every month. If you cannot make all the classes in one class you can fill in the next class. The charter of the class is to give you unlimited dive unique dive sites making every class truly enjoyable. After your AOW certification you are invited to join us on any venture that piques interests.

Those that desire sublime luxury there’s the multi-day trips to the California Channel Islands aboard the yacht, Vision, out of Santa Barbara. It is fully catered live-aboard and is your conveyance to the wonders of our offshore islands. The Vision is your floating hotel with sleeping quarters, sundecks, dining area and dive deck. It is loaded with personnel to make your diving a pleasure. Our last two trips are California’s ultimate weather season-Indian Summer-it doesn’t get any better. Over Labor Day is a 5-day trip to the semi tropical southern islands, August 30th-September 3rd. This trip has a few spaces left. Our trip October 13th-16th is set in the ultimate of culinary seasons in which almost all seafood are available. It is touted as a lobster opener but it is dedicated to calm shallow water in the clearest of all seasons. We can do AOW dives on these trips. If you choose this venture you will always return.

All the best,

Dennis Judson

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