Bonaire A Divers Paradise

Island of Bonaire

Bonaire is a small island off of the coast of Venezuela that is a true divers paradise.  The leeward side of the islands provides pool like conditions and short swims from shore roughly 20-30 yards to reach the stunning 130 ft walls.  Bonaire offers 63 dive sites on the main island and 26 dive sites on Bonaire Klein (the small island in the picture, only accessible by boat) that is a total of 89 designated dive sites.  This island is made for divers, trucks are the common rental vehicle with plenty of space for a full family of divers and gear, and all of the dive sites are marked with bright yellow rocks with the site name and a marker buoy in the water where the wall begins.  Most divers will find it quite easy to complete anywhere from 3-6 dives in a single day, including a night dive of course.  Nearly all of the dive operations in Bonaire offer some kind of unlimited tank deal for shore diving, this is often included with resort packages and some packages include daily boat dives to help divers experience Bonaire Klein.   While diving off the boats you will be accompanied by knowledgeable dive-masters trained in finding the critters we all hope to see, shore diving leaves divers responsible for themselves.  Don’t worry this is some of the easiest shore diving you have ever seen, feel free to leave your compass at home its nearly impossible to get lost diving in Bonaire.  The walls lend them selves to natural navigation, drop down the wall heading one direction and when you need to turn around move up to a shallower part of the wall and follow the wall back the way you came.  In terms of sea life this is more of a small critter trip seahorses, frog-fish, Caribbean squid, moray eels, fire-worms, and Nudibranches.  Beyond the amazing abundance of life found on the Island of Bonaire, the varied amount of structure found around the island is amazing, the north side of the island has dramatic walls and large coral heads, while the south side is more of a sloped wall with an abundance of soft corals.  There is no bad dive when visiting Bonaire but there are highlight dives that every diver should experience: Karpata, 1000 steps, Alice in Wonderland, the wreck of the Hilma Hooker, and an absolute must dive is the Salt Pier.  Each of these dives offers a unique experience and are the delight of every diver that visits them.


In 2016 and 2018 Adventure Sports visited Bonaire and we had an amazing time, we can’t wait to get back there! Below is a video from Stephen Eggers.  We are very excited to be visiting Bonaire again March 30th – April 7th 2019 Follow this Link for more information.  There is still plenty of space available and plenty of diving and exploring of Bonaire to be had.

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