Beachhopper2 Recap, July 14, 2013

There’s nothing quite like a relaxing day on the ocean…except for maybe a  relaxing day in the ocean. Sunday’s charter aboard the Beachhopper 2 was classic summer diving along Monterey’s famous Cannery Row. Calm seas, morning fog, and 20-30′ of visibility. The first dive was a just a bit past Chase Reef between Otter Cove and Coral Street on the outskirts of the kelp beds. What most impressed me about the site was the schools of adult blue rockfish and the thousands of juvenile rockfish that would occasionally fill the water column. Granted, I haven’t dove Monterey in quite sometime, but I was impressed to see so many fish. For our second dive, we motored to nearby Chase Reef just past Eric’s Pinnacle. This dive had even more fish! It was like diving in an aquarium, but only better. I spotted at least five Lingcod on the dive, along with several treefish, large schools of rockfish, big and small.

Maybe it was just my “ten month surface interval”, but I thoroughly enjoyed being back in the water, and I hope to be back out there soon. Thanks to Stephen, Alvin, Patrick, and Jenelle for joining Divemaster-in-Training-Kyle and me for the day. Let’s do it again soon!

-Jim Patterson

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