scuba air fill station santa cruz
Adventure Sports offers the following services including:

  • Air fills from our on-site compressor (up tp 3500psi)
  • Regulator and BC services for most brands (average turnaround 1-3 weeks)
  • Hydrostatic testing, VIPs (Visual Inspection Program), and tumbling of cylinders (average turnaround 1-3 weeks)
  • SCUBA and Kayak Rentals
Description Price
1st stage labor $25.00
2nd stage labor $25.00
BC Labor $30.00
Hydro (includes VIP and fill) up to 3000psi $40.00
Hydro (includes VIP and fill) up to 3500psi $50.00
Tumble $25.00
VIP (Visual Inspection Program - does not include valve) $17.50
Valve Rebuild + parts $15.00
Air Tank $6.00
SCBA Tank (subject to availability) $10.00
Tank purchased from ASU $0.00
Recreational Diver Air Card (10 fills) $50.00
Commercial Diver Air Card $45.00