scuba and kayak rentals in santa cruz

Valid diver certification is necessary in order to rent SCUBA equipment (regulators and tanks). Experience required for enclosed boats. Sit-On-Top boats available to all.

Prices below indicate a 24 hour rental. Every day after the first day is half price. Contact us for a quote on rentals lasting longer than 7 days. Saturday rentals can be returned on Monday for no additional charge due to the shop being closed on Sundays.

Item Description Price
Wetsuit with hood $10.00
BCD $10.00
Regulator with computer $35.00
Low Pressure Steel / Aluminum Tank $10.00
Weights and belt $10.00
SCUBA Package (1 each of the above items) $60.00
High Pressure Steel Tank $15.00
Single Kayak: includes paddle, PFD, helmet, and spray skirt if needed $40.00
Double Kayak: includes 2 paddles, PFDs, and helmets if needed $60.00
Paddle $6.00
PFD $6.00
Spray Skirt $5.00
Spray Jacket $5.00
Wetsuit - 3mm Farmer John/Jane style $10.00
Helmet $5.00